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Email Memos on Helmand Counter-Narcotics: 2003-Present

Opium Poppies in Helmand this year? 15 Sept 2003

Helmand Follow Up 24 Sept 2003 Need for a clear policy statement

Helmand Follow Up II 13 Oct 2003 A Farmer Cotton Committee

Helmand Follow Up III 20 Oct 2003 Time is Running Out

Helmand Follow Up IV 29 Oct 2003 Helmand Farmers are Dissatisfied

Helmand Follow Up V 11 Nov 2003 Opium Poppy Cultivation Must Not be Allowed to Return

Helmand Follow Up VI 2 Dec 2003 The Winter Crop Planting Season Is Well Underway

Helmand Follow Up VII 18 Dec 2003 I will try to be polite.

Helmand Follow Up VIII 19 Jan 2004 The 2004 Poppy Crop is Planted

Helmand Follow Up IX 6 July 2004 Cotton

Helmand Follow Up X 27 July 2004 A Call for Action

Helmand Follow Up XI 20 Aug 2004 Opium Poppies in Helmand this Year? US Military Intervention in Central Helmand? Hopefully Not.

Helmand Follow Up XII 31 Aug 2004 Cotton...Again

Helmand Follow Up XIII 21 Sept 2004 Opium Poppies in Helmand this Year?

Helmand Follow Up XIV 29 Aug 2005 A Time for action again NOW

Helmand Follow Up XV 14 Dec 2005 Poppy and Cotton Policies?

Helmand Follow Up XVI 1 March 2006 Poppies and Cotton Again and Again or The Mistake of a Military Intervention

Helmand Follow Up XVII 9 May 2006 Poppies, Cash-for-Work and Cotton Again

Helmand Follow Up XVIII 16 Aug 2006 Opium Poppy In Helmand Again this Year?

Helmand Follow Up XIX 18 Oct 2006 Poppies in Central Helmand Again this Year.

Helmand Follow Up XX 20 Dec 2006 The Way Backward

Helmand Follow Up XXI 20 March 2007 Eradication and Cotton Again

Helmand Follow Up XXII 23 July 2007 A Proposal for Action...Now

Helmand Follow Up XXIII 27 Sept 2007 Comments on U,S Counter- narcotics Strategy for Afghanistan And Another Call for Positive Action (with photo)

Helmand Follow Up XXIV 12 Dec 2007 Timing is Everything

How to Lose Friends and Make Enemies 11 Feb 2008

Helmand Follow Up XXV 18 June 2008 Need for an Integrated Reconstruction/opium Poppy Reduction Program in Central Helmand

Helmand Follow Up XXVI 23 Aug 2008 Any Effective Action Planned for Opium Poppy Planting Season This Year?

Helmand Follow Up XXVII 1 Feb 2009 A Proposal for the Annual Winter Maintenance Period for Central Helmand Irrigation System

Helmand Follow Up XXVIII 1 Aug 2009 Time AGAIN to Begin Planning for an Effective Counter-Narcotics Program for the Fall Planting Season

Helmand Follow Up XXIX 22 Jan 2010 Opium Poppy Planting Season Again: Were We Ready?

Helmand Follow Up XXX 18 April 2010 More Mixed-signals for Central Helmand Farmers

Helmand Follow Up XXXI 15 November 2010 More Opium Poppies in Central Helmand This Year?

Helmand Follow Up XXXII 18 December 2010 Support for Cotton in Central Helmand This Year?

Helmand Follow Up XXXIII 15 May 2011 The Failed Reconstruction/Development Program in Helmand.

Helmand Follow Up XXXIV 22 Sept 2011 No Help for Helmand Cotton Farmers this Year: We Must Stop Sending Mixed Signals to the Farmers.

Helmand Follow Up XXXV 10 Jan 2012 More Opium Poppy in Helmand This Year Reflects the Failure of Our Counter-Narcotics Program.

Helmand Follow Up XXXVI 6 April 2012 Third Ministerial Conference of the Paris Pact Partners on Opiates in Afghanistan, The 55th Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, The Central Asian Counter-Narcotics Initiative, etc: More and More Talk and Planned Police Work But How about the Farmers Who Cultivate Most of the Opium Poppy in Central Helmand?

Helmand Follow Up XXXVII 13 April 2012 Help for Central Helmand Farmers?

Helmand Follow Up XXXVIII 28 Dec 2012 Clearly There is Continuing Need for an Effective Integrated Counter-Narcotics Program

Helmand Follow Up XXXIX 21 September 2013 The Continuing Failure of Our Counter-Narcotics Programs: When Will We Act Effectively?

Helmand Follow Up XXXX 22 November 2013 The Failed Counter-Narcotics Programs of 2013: Again!

Helmand Follow Up XXXXI 15 May 2014 Poppy Harvest Season is Here Again: What's Next with Our Failed Counter Narcotics Projects??

Helmand Follow Up XXXXII 10 Oct 2014 The U.S. has already spent nearly $7.6 billion to combat the opium industry. Yet by every conceivable metric, we've failed: Sopko 3pp.

Helmand Follow Up XXXXIII 10 Dec 2017 Another Opium High for Afghanistan And Next Year’s Crop is Planted, 5pp.

Conference Papers on Helmand, 2002-08

Opium Poppy Cultivation in Central Helmand, Afghanistan: A Case Study in Bad Program Management, The Society for Applied Anthropology, 67th Annual Meeting, March 2007, 18 pp. (Part 1)   (Part 2)

Reconstruction and Opium Poppy Cultivation in Central Helmand: The Need for an Integrated Program, Conference on Afghanistan Reconstruction: The Future, University of Nebraska at Omaha, October 2008, 18 pp.

From New Deal to New Frontier in Afghanistan: Modernization in a Buffer State, Nick Cullather, Working Paper #6, August 2002, The Cold War as Global Conflict, International Center for Advanced Studies, New York University, 34pp.

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Theses and Dissertations on Helmand, 1975:

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Socio-Economic Aspects of Land Settlement in Helmand Valley, Afghanistan, Ghulam Farouq, MS thesis, American University of Beirut, 1975, Readable to p. 103.

Final Project Reports on Helmand, 1998-2005:

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Lashkar Gah: The Beginning:

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The Soviets and After, 1980-2005:

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Make Hay While the Sun Shines or The Flood of Poppies in Sping 1999, R.B. Scott MCI/Lash memo to M. Pont MCI/Quetta, 19 Jan 99, 2pp.

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Between Projects in Helmand 1973-75

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